More on parameters’ observers

These last weeks, I’ve started implementing the feature I’ve realized on Shogun’s algorithms, so that they can be used in real life. I’ve started by implementing a different series of parameters’ observers which will be used to retrieve information from algorithms, without serialize them to files (like what it’s done by Tensorboard). These parameters’ observers target the cross-validation algorithm.

Cross-validation parameters’ observers

The previous CrossValidation implementation used a series of custom listeners, which could be added to the algorithm to watch over the execution. However, to use these listeners, the code was bloated with many loops, which had also to be guarded with #pragma critical calls during multi-threaded execution.

I’ve rebuilt Shogun’s CrossValidation class to register and emit, for each run, all folds partial results (the index used for training/test, evaluation result etc.), by using the observe() method. I’ve coded two helper classes, CrossValidationStorage and CrossValidationFoldStorage, which will allow us to do so.

The values emitted can then be caught by the new ParameterObserverCV class, which will expose to the user an std::vector with all the measurements.

I’ve also ported the other CrossValidation’s listeners which were provided for the previous implementation. Namely:

Here an example of a simple usage of the ParameterObserverCV class (you can find the complete code at this link):

// We create the CrossValidation instance
CCrossValidation* cross=new CCrossValidation(machine, features, labels,
		splitting, eval_criterion);

// Create the parameter's observer
// By setting false, we disable the observer verbosity
ParameterObserverCV par {false};

// We loops over the observations caught and
// we print the train indices used for each fold.
auto obs = par.get_observations();
for (auto o : obs)
    // For each of the observations folds we print the
    // train indices used.
    for (auto fold : o->get_folds_result()) {
	      f->get_train_indices().display_vector("Train indices ");

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